Please note the following general guidelines in the deed restrictions.  For further information, please refer to the deed restrictions that are posted on this website.

  • Recreational vehicles are prohibited as residences, temporary or permanent.
  • Mobile homes are prohibited.
  • Modular homes are prohibited.
  • Before clearing or making improvements on a property, the property owner needs to have a certified survey of the property performed, and a copy of the certified survey along with the appropriate forms needs to be submitted to the Architectural Control Committee.
  • Before improvements are made on a property, Waller County needs to be contacted in regards to any required permits.
  • All clearing, improvement, and building plans must be approved by the Architectural Control Committee PRIOR to the beginning of construction. This includes clearing of the property, building of permanent structures, building of temporary structures, and/or building of storage buildings.
  • Permanent residences must have recreational vehicles and/or boats blocked from street views.
  • Horses and livestock are prohibited.
  • Hunting is prohibited.
  • Shooting firearms within the boundaries of the neighborhoods is prohibited.
  • All terrain vehicles are prohibited.
  • Deed Restrictions are strictly enforced.

Here is a downloadable document containing the highlights of the Deed Restrictions