Board of Directors



2017 BOD

The current Board of Directors are (from the right)


Mrs. Teresa Dimick, currently serving as President through 2018. (right)

Mrs. Lily Kaiser, currently serving as Vice-President through 2019. (center)

Mrs. Sherry Lucas, currently serving as Secretary-Treasurer through 2018. (left)


The Board of Directors can be contacted at:  (979) 826-4444; however, it is preferable to communicate through writing at one of the following email addresses:

The Board of Directors gladly serve as non-compensated volunteers.  There are no set office hours since the Directors have full-time jobs.  It is actually more efficient to communicate by email.

Questions regarding maintenance fees need to be communicated in writing to the following email address:



The Board of Directors for Deerwood Lakes Association, Inc. serve in a voluntary capacity.  Please note that elections are for Directors only.  Officers are elected by the Directors on a yearly basis as established in the governing documents of Deerwood lakes Association. Inc.  Directors serve for two years with two positions open one year and one position open the following year.

Homeowners interested in running for a Board of Directors’ position need to contact the DWLA Board of Directors (  before May 31 of the year to be placed on a proxy ballot.  

Please note that the deadline for the 2018 election ends on May 31, 2018.  No proxy vote is required if a candidate is running unopposed.